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Claire Warren

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“I've maintained my weight loss for seven years.”


I've maintained my weight loss for seven years.

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Success stories

  • Rob Gillet


    Tipping the scales at 41st 10lbs, Rob Gillett was putting his life at risk at just 25 years old. Rob was not only dealing with the strain on his body, but with a waist measuring 6ft 6in and his height measuring 5ft 3in, Rob was also dubbed the ‘human doughnut’ by the media. And yet, despite his struggles, Rob has completely turned his life around.

    Rob came to LighterLife in April 2012 with some weight loss under his belt but ready to lose more, and since joining our programme, he has lost over 20 Stone. Rob turned to LighterLife for help and support and was able to flourish with a diet and mindset that changed his relationship with food. He says “It really clicked for me. For the first time I was on a diet that helped me understand why I ate the way I did. I realised it wasn’t food that was the issue.” He added “I was battling with underlying problems and I was using food to dull the pain.”

    Rob has been maintaining his weight with LighterLife since September 2013 and as he thinks back over his journey, he observes, “I look back now, and can’t believe I put my whole life at such a risk”.

    Furthermore, Rob says that his “health has improved so much it’s unbelievable. I’m quite fit! A lot of people say I’m an inspiration”. And what an inspiration he is, Rob has gone from needing a taxi to take him to the bus stop just down the road to jogging a 10K race! As well as a healthy body, Rob has managed to save a healthy amount of money by embarking on the programme, Rob explains that “I used to spend most of my wages on food, like snacking or eating out, but I saved a lot of money by going on LighterLife.”

    Rob attributes his weight loss success to the support and skills he gained from the LighterLife group work, which helped him to change his attitude towards food. He says “I had really good support from Clare Warren, my LighterLife Counsellor. The biggest thing I learned from LighterLife was that I was a comfort eater and used to eat when I was stressed. Well I don’t do it anymore. I know I’m not going to get back to the way I was before. I know I’ve got the skills to cope with it now”.

    LighterLife has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and turn their life around just like Rob. It wasn’t too late for him to change his life, you can too – we tailor a programme for everyone, find out more today.

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  • Angela Currie

    High Wycombe

    I have multiple joint arthritis and have been slow and not very mobile for a long time. I wanted to regain my feel-good factor. Throughout my LighterLife journey, my confidence, self-esteem and mobility have improved so much. I no longer feel 80 years old and now I get compliments on my appearance! I feel so good about myself. I feel younger, look younger, and move in a younger way – I’m just so much healthier.

    As a result of the group work, the biggest change I’ve made in my life is to recognise that I have choices – if I choose to go back to how I used to eat, I’m going back to joint pain and immobility; by choosing to treat myself differently, and by changing my approach to food, I’m healthy, I feel good and I get to wear nice clothes!

    My top tips to anyone setting off on their LighterLife journey are to stay positive, set short, medium and long-term goals and treat yourself as you achieve them – to a massage, a manicure, a new pair of jeans. My friends have been so inspired by the changes they’ve seen in me that they’re now losing weight themselves!

    *Each of our client's results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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  • Dan Morooven


    My journey with LighterLife has, quite simply, been life-changing. Not only has it completely changed my appearance, it has also changed my relationship with food.

    I started LighterLife in November 2012 and I lost 4 stone*. As the weight started to fall off my confidence began to grow and my energy levels returned to how they were in my late teens. This weight-loss programme has taught me so much about food and about appreciating my body. I am now focused on eating healthy meals and only consume the calorie intake I need to function.

    The group sessions have more than helped me achieve my goals and keep me focused on reaching the so-called ‘non-achievable’ goals. My group was so important and really made the difference on my journey. LighterLife has made me a better person inside and out. It has opened up opportunities and other challenges I would never have considered while I was big. My next challenge will be modelling and perhaps modelling for LighterLife magazine along with other magazines

    To anyone who has tried many diets and failed, my recommendation is to join LighterLife, as it will take you through your own incredible life-changing journey.

    *Each of our client's results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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  • Emma Corrigan


    With the help of my Counsellor I was able to address how I linked my eating habits to my emotions, learning techniques to help me keep on top of this. Before I knew it, the weight was falling off. Seeing myself change was amazing and I was able to go shopping with my mum for the first time in my life – my weight had always held me back in the past.

    My weight loss has brought me and my husband closer too, because we can do more activities and spend more time together. We go for long walks and bike rides, and we had a professional photo shoot to celebrate our anniversary – something I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before I lost weight! He was even asked if he had a new girlfriend as someone from the gym saw us out together and didn’t recognise me…

    It’s taken a while for me to get used to my new image but my confidence is growing every day and I now walk into a room with my head held high, something I never did before I joined LighterLife. Professionally I have so much more confidence when working with clients. And I recently gave blood for the first time in my life; before I joined LighterLife I wasn’t able to do this as I was too overweight.

    Thanks to what I’ve learned with my LighterLife Counsellor and group, I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. It’s given me a new lease of life, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to make an incredible change to your life, try LighterLife; after all, what have you got to lose apart from weight?

    *Each of our client's results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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More about me

  • Claire Warren

    Claire Warren

    On my journey so far, Ive lost eleven stone and 'living lighter' feels fantastic.

    Previously, I experienced the frustration of yo-yo dieting. LighterLife helped me identify that I needed to change not only what I ate, but also my thinking and relationship with food.

    As a LighterLife Counsellor and physiotherapist, I understand the importance of weight management. At weekly group meetings I'll help you look at why you overeat, support you to lose the pounds and help you develop skills to manage your weight successfully in the future.

    Call me to find out more. What you dream of is possible, if I hadn't tried LighterLife Id never have known what I could achieve.

    As a LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellor I have undergone rigorous training and hold a BTEC professional Diploma in Building a Weight-Management Consultancy, accredited by Edexcel.

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  • Central Support Team

    Central Support Team

    As you build a relationship with your local LighterLife team you are also building a relationship with the team at Central Office. Mostly we will never meet face to face, but we want you to know we are behind you all the way and are here to support you however we can.

    It will likely be the friendly voices of the Customer Care team that you would hear from first, they love nothing better than talking to you, finding out how we can help and making your journey as smooth as possible – they can be reached on: UK - 0800 2 988 988, ROI - 1800 92 72 13.

    As well as many of the normal business functions you can imagine – Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, Supply Chain, IT to name a few, we also have highly qualified and experienced specialists developing the plans, products and group support programme that has helped over 350,000 people to lose weight with LighterLife –  to find out more about these experts in Nutrition and Research, Programme, Medical and many other departments click here.

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