Val Perry

Val Perry

Hi, whether you've a lot or a little to lose, we have a programme for you. Book a free appointment with me to find out more.

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“I've maintained my weight loss for seven years.”


I've maintained my weight loss for seven years.

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  • Val Perry

    Val Perry

    Having been a LighterLife Counsellor for over a decade, I understand that being overweight can sometimes be a complex issue. People don't just eat because they're hungry but because they're bored, lonely or upset. At weekly group meetings I help my clients understand the real reasons why they overeat. Once they understand this I help them learn the skills they need to manage their weight long term. I never get tired of helping my clients change their lives for the better - both physically and psychologically. Seeing their success is what makes my job worthwhile. So if you'd like to lose weight but need some support give me a call today. I really can help you live a lighter, healthier more active life.

    LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellors undergo rigorous training and each hold a BTEC professional certificate or diploma in Weight-Management Consultancy, accredited by Edexcel.

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  • Central Support Team

    Central Support Team

    As you build a relationship with your local LighterLife team you are also building a relationship with the team at Central Office. Mostly we will never meet face to face, but we want you to know we are behind you all the way and are here to support you however we can.

    It will likely be the friendly voices of the Customer Care team that you would hear from first, they love nothing better than talking to you, finding out how we can help and making your journey as smooth as possible – they can be reached on: UK - 0800 2 988 988, ROI - 1800 92 72 13.

    As well as many of the normal business functions you can imagine – Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, Supply Chain, IT to name a few, we also have highly qualified and experienced specialists developing the plans, products and group support programme that has helped over 350,000 people to lose weight with LighterLife –  to find out more about these experts in Nutrition and Research, Programme, Medical and many other departments click here.

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